Sidellis Lake Tahoe.

 Brewery and Resturant.

Steve Canali

Chris Sidell

Welcome to Sidellis Lake Tahoe.

Owner Chris Sidell and his husband Ellwood Ellis have always wanted to take their home brewing to a new level. After Graduation from UC Davis in 2015, Chris decided to go for it and open a small micro brewery here in beautiful South Lake Tahoe his home since moving to the US from Australia in 2003. The name Sidellis, a contraction of both Chris and Ellwood's last names, was chosen and a location was found at 3350 Sandy Way directly behind the Tahoe DMV near Safeway.

Brewer Steve Canali has been a fixture on the Tahoe brew scene for years. Steve and Chris worked together previously and when the idea of opening a new brewery came up Steve decided to join the team.





Brewery and Restaurant.